Mooring Restraint

pile cap
Our preferred method for marina restraint is the use of driven tubular steel piles (with varying wall thickness) driven into the seabed to a depth as required by engineer design.  A polyethylene jacket is then placed over the pile to eliminate corrosion. The jackets also add to the overall aesthetic appeal of the marina facility. This provides longevity of the mooring system and adds another maintenance free component to the Sea-Slip Marinas system. Concrete and treated timber piles are available should this be the clients preference. 

Moulded bird-proof caps are installed to the top of each pile. Different colours can be provided for the designation of separate marina arms should the client prefer. Alternatively, the caps can be moulded in the same colour as the decking and fending for the visual aesthetics of the entire system. The standard Sea-Slip Marinas colour is sand.

In deep water & heavy site locations Seaflex® is a more cost effective option.  The Seaflex® mooring system boasts many benefits such as low corrosion, low maintenance, easy handling and installation, gentle to the environment (ideal for environmentally sensitive areas) and handles any variation in water level.  To find out more information on how this mooring system operates visit their website www.seaflex.net



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