Concrete Pontoons

The Sea-Slip Marinas traditional System utilises pre-stressed concrete decks, heavy duty steel brackets and specifically designed flexible hinging. With many years of Research & Development and a long term relationship with the NSW hydraulic laboratory the Sea-Slip Marinas concrete system has evolved to what it is today.

The system has proven to withstand the most arduous weather conditions being installed in ‘heavy site locations’ and cyclone affected areas around Australia for over a decade. Designed and manufactured in Australia, Sea-Slip Marinas floating concrete structures are manufactured utilising only the highest performance products for the production of the deck units under the most stringent quality system.

The pre-stressed concrete units are formed in precision steel moulds. The concrete deck surface can be finished in a simple broom finish or completed in a wide range of architectural finishes including coloured and patterned decks which allows berth numbers, arm designations and owners logos to be embossed in the deck.

Sea-Slip Marinas specialises in colour coordinating your concrete pontoon to blend with a projects landscape finishes.

The fendering system becomes the choice of the client. Sea-Slips offer a wide variety of fendering solutions. Some of the alternative products being rubber, PVC, polyethylene or timber would be discussed with the client prior to final design. Our preferred system is the PVC Sea-Slip Marinas fendering solution, attached through the use of a marine grade aluminium extrusion, and the PVC fender attaches without any mechanical fixings.

The floatation used for the Sea-Slip Marinas system is a high grade polystyrene unit with a polyurethane spray coating. This system is cost effective and is able to be repaired in situ by untrained personnel for minimal costs. An upgrade to polyethylene rotational moulded floatation tanks available if preferred.

The brackets including connection, pile and corner brackets for the system are fabricated in mild steel specifically designed for each location and finished with a high quality two part epoxy protective coating, applied to the requirements of the relevant Australian Standard. This system offers far more advantages for corrosion protection and longevity in the harsh marine environment than does galvanising. An upgrade to heavy structures marine grade aluminium brackets is available if preferred.

All bolts for bracket connections are galvanised grade 8.8 for additional strength and security. An upgrade to Gr 316 S.S. fixings is available if preferred.

The mooring cleats are bolted directly into the concrete deck with the use of Gr 316 S.S. fixing. All cleats are supplied and installed in locations as required by engineered design.



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