Wave Attenuators & Floating Breakwater Systems

Sea-Slip Marinas have spent many years researching and developing wave attenuating and breakwater systems for all heavy seas and ‘difficult site’ conditions.  With the assistance of the NSW hydraulic laboratory a wave attenuating system has been developed for areas where costly heavy duty floating breakwaters are not essentially required, but where the normal sea-state conditions in the location prevents the installation of a floating marina facility meeting the Australian Standards for a safe haven for the berthing and protection of vessels.

The wave attenuating system has been designed to utilise the standard Sea-Slip Marinas pre-stressed concrete decks with  the addition of a wave attenuating skirt extending beyond the deck and acting as a baffle to prevent the intrusion of excessive waves through the system to the marina basin.  This system has a proven track record and has been extensively tested through the NSW hydraulic laboratory.  Basin testing of a Clients site conditions is offered by Sea-Slip Marinas prior to any site design being finalised.

A heavy duty floating breakwater system has been designed as an alternative to a solid rock breakwater. For areas that are environmentally sensitive where rock walls are not permitted floating concrete breakwaters are the only alternative. In some locations where access to rock is difficult, not available or cost prohibitive, floating concrete breakwaters can offer a Client a cost effective substitute. 

The purpose of the design of a floating breakwater is to provide a unit that is the necessary width and depth to dissipate the waves that it is subjected to and provide a safe boat harbour within the limits of the basin that it protects. 

Sea-Slip Marinas understands that no two marina sites are identical, therefore no two breakwater designs should be identical, whether they are fixed or floating. Sea-Slip Marinas relies on the expertise of the highly trained engineering staff of the NSW hydraulic laboratory to carryout basin testing of any site conditions where the necessity for a breakwater is assumed. From the results of this testing the breakwater requirements are met with a unit being specifically designed and constructed to meet the requirements of each site. Resulting in the unit not being over-engineered or over priced.

Sea-Slip Marinas' professional trained crew are always available to discuss your breakwater needs.



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