Aluminium / Composite

Rapidly becoming the most preferred choice by customers, the Sea-Slip Marinas Heavy Duty, Lightweight Floating Aluminium / Composite Marina system delivers the best solution to a marina development. Our system has been based on aerospace technology where flexibility is of paramount importance.

Chosen for its aesthetics, longevity and maintenance-free attributes, it is also more suitable in exposed and harsh environmental locations as its robust design and unique engineering withstands more extreme elements than other floating concrete systems.  Every location is different therefore a fabricated system allows for site specific design not only for every location but also for individual berth designs within each marina facility. The addition of flexible connections between walkway units, together with specific pile slides provides for an extremely flexible ‘silent’ pontoon system.   

This system is more environmentally sympathetic to delicate marine environments as the deck mats are designed to allow filtered light to reach the water and seabed below protecting local marine life and seagrasses. 

Sea-Slip Marinas have specifically designed connections to allow berths to 12m in length to be installed without the use of any pontoon restraint i.e. piles. Utilising the Sea-Slip Marinas sliding track system, this allows for easy relocation of fingers (slides in track) to minimise or maximise berth widths.  This is especially beneficial when berthing catamarans, trimarans or house boats. 

The Sea-Slip Marinas unique system utilises specifically designed finger connections to avoid the use of corner sections at the finger to walkway transition. This allows for the ease of berthing vessels with a square transom i.e. power boats and houseboats. Should the corner sections be a client requirement the brackets will be installed.

Mega-yacht berths do not pose a problem for Sea-Slip Marinas with our advanced engineered frames and technically advanced products, designing for the large mega yachts offers no challenge.  Whatever the size and weight of the vessel, Sea-Slip Marinas will specifically design the individual berths to suit the Client’s requirements. 

The Sea-Slip Marinas system is a unique design. We realise that every marina facility has different requirements throughout the berthing arrangements, i.e. Vessels of different lengths, widths, weights, offering many different combinations of sail, power, houseboats, single hull, multi hull and combined with the individual site conditions at each berth (some protected, some exposed) indicates the need for individual berthing design. This confirms that standard systems designed to provide for the larger vessels in the exposed locations are invariably over-engineered for the smaller vessels in the protected locations. Where these designs are satisfactory they are certainly not cost effective for the Client. Our design team at Sea-Slip Marinas with many years of experience in the industry have proven that all areas within a facility pose different requirements, therefore, our design for every marina is specific for each Clients exact needs. We pride ourselves in supplying a system which is designed and manufactured by our highly experienced and professional Sea-Slip Marinas team to meet every individual requirement of any marina facility.

Another advantage of the Sea-Slip Marinas system is the modular design which allows the marina to grow and expand with the installation of additional units or the reconfiguration of the existing units.  The pontoons are easily connected and disconnected and can be swapped and changed around to meet the changing or growing needs of any marina facility.

The Sea-Slip Marinas system components are engineered to provide peak performance in any conditions. Cyclone areas, flood zones, extreme temperatures being well above and below average, do not propose a threat to the working life of the Sea-Slip Marinas system. This is substantiated by the offer of a minimum 15-year warranty offered with every Sea-Slip Marina system installed.

In remote areas where access is difficult or a shipping port is not accessible, the pontoons are factory assembled and transported as completed units. They are suitable for road transport, rail or can be shipped as deck cargo to the more remote areas and simply installed from the deck of the freight barge, lowered into the water and easily towed into position. Making installation for remote areas, in particular island facilities, efficient and economical.

There is no location or condition where a Sea-Slip Marina is not suitable!

The frames are manufactured from heavy structures Marine Grade Aluminium extruded up to 12 Metres in length (for transportation), robotically welded for accuracy under quality procedures.  Frames can be fabricated in any width, length or shape to suit surrounding environment including existing piles. From cyclone locations to mill pond lakes or rivers Sea-Slip Marinas have the best solution for your investment.

Refurbishment or replacement of existing marinas is our specialty and made easy by the ability of Sea-Slip Marinas manufacturing team to fabricate to the exact footprint of the existing arrangement including retaining all existing piles. 


Our floatation units have been specifically designed for the Sea-Slip Marinas system, are totally Australian made from a high stress, crack resistant, thermoplastic polyethylene with a wall thickness of 8-10mm.  The floatation units do not require anti-fouling and are not affected by osmosis, marine organisms or chemicals normally present in the marine environment. The floatation tanks being an essential component of the Sea-Slip Marinas system is supported by a 25-year warranty. The units meet all Australian and International standards and provide the system with a freeboard (or deck height from water) of 550mm – a comfortable height for entering or leaving most vessels.  With the adjustment of floatation, the freeboard can be easily raised or lowered to suite the requirements of every Client.

The decking to the trafficable areas of the pontoons are a slip resistant polypropylene deck mat. These mats are UV resistant, fire retardant and remain cool underfoot despite high temperatures and exposure to extreme sun. The deck mats are available in a variety of colours, our standard and most preferred colour is “sand”, which compliments the surrounding water and adds to the overall visual aesthetic appeal of the installation. 

The specifically engineered deck mat pattern allows for self cleansing and light penetration to the seabed which makes their use suitable for environmentally sensitive areas where seagrasses need protection.

For the Client that prefers timber decking, Sea-Slip Marinas offer kiln dried hardwood timbers of select grades or teak which requires less maintenance than other timbers or alternatively plastic timber is available and used on clients request.


Standard fender is made from a High impact UV resistant, PVC.  High impact Acrylic and High impact Polycarbonate are available as an alternative.  No mechanical fixings required for installation therefore fender is easy to install and remove.



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