Refurbishment & Replacement

An extremely cost effective way to upgrade your Marina / Pontoon is to renovate rather than replace. 

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Sea-Slip Marinas' highly qualified crew are available to carryout a full inspection of your existing facility and provide a condition report with recommendations on how you can cost effectively stage replacement, repair or refurbishment to increase the value of your investment. All works carried out by the Sea-Slip Marinas' team is maintained and warranted. With very little outlay we can add to the aesthetics of your existing timber or concrete marina by installing our 'State of the Art'  polypropylene decking system which adds value and aesthetic appeal immediately to any ageing marina facility. Whether it be a single pontoon or an entire marina, floating or fixed we have the refurbishment solution for you. Call our trained staff today to visit your facility and explain how easily this can be done.

Sea-Slip recognises the importance of avoiding any disruption during the replacement of an existing facility. Down time of a marina is reduced income for the period of the replacement. The Sea-Slip Marinas' system is an advanced modular design which has the ability to be easily installed alongside other existing marina systems. This allows for the staged replacement of the existing marina and avoids any disruption of the working facility or down time whilst the marina is being replaced. 

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Replacement of existing marinas is our specialty and made easy by the ability of Sea-Slip Marinas' manufacturing team to fabricate to the exact footprint of the existing arrangement taking into consideration all existing piles. 

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Contact our experienced crew to arrange an inspection of your marina facility including a condition report and accurate costings for a staged replacement.

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