Maintenance Contracts

Any marine facility is an expensive investment for the property owners. After extensive Research & Development over a decade Sea-Slip have designed a marina system which requires the least amount of maintenance of any system on the market today. With the use of high quality aluminium and composite products Sea-Slip are confident to offer clients a 15-year warranty on all major components with the possibility of further extensions.

To maintain your facility trouble free, Sea-Slip Marinas offers a maintenance contract for the period of the warranty with an option to extend. This maintenance contract, for minimal annual outlay, will guarantee the marina owners a facility that is working to peak performance at all times.  The quarterly inspections and reports are carried out by our well trained staff. A full condition report is provided and any works required is programmed and completed by a qualified maintenance crew. This ensures that your investment is protected and maintains its value over the successive years.

The maintenance report submitted every three months will also note any damage that may be caused to the marina by accidental collision by a vessel. This damage invariably goes unnoticed and can result in other components being subjected to undue stresses and tension causing further damage to the marina system. Our highly trained crew will note and report any such damage at the early stage which prevents further expense to the marina owners.



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