Boat Launching

These pontoons are specifically designed as an articulated pontoon to be installed upon any existing public boat ramp or in areas that are subjected to large tidal fluctuations making it difficult to access the water at low tide. The provision of a Sea-Slip Marinas articulated pontoon allows for the pontoon to float at high tide and become a slip resistant pathway at low tide to avoid walking across mud or rocks to access the water or your vessel.

The pontoons are constructed to withstand the rigors of the continual changing tides. They are connected at the shore end above the high water mark and for boat ramp installations run parallel with the ramp into the water and continue beyond the low water mark. This allows boat owners to tie off their vessels whilst awaiting access to the ramp at all states of the tides. It aids in the efficiency of launching and retrieving of vessels at the ramp. It provides a slip resistant access way for boating persons avoiding the public risk factor associated with all public boat ramps. The articulated pontoons are designed to accommodate the changes from a floating structure to a fixed structure throughout the tidal changes.



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